Zirconia Abutment

Flat Zirconia Abutment

Delicate gingival biotype encountered in some patients causes the greyish metallic color of the titanium superstructures to be visible even under gingiva. Dmaster zirconia abutments, which are used for restorations along the smiling line in patients with a high aesthetic expectation as well as to makemore aesthetical restorations in patients with delicate gingival biotypes, have the same outlet profile as the healing caps and impression transfer parts and come with six different restorative margin height options similar to titanium flat abutments. Dmaster zirconia abutments,which are prepared on titanium base to achieve the required strength in the anchorage zone with the implant platform, can be used in lieu of titanium abutments without making any changes in the outlet profile preparation procedure.

Zirconia Angled Abutment

In the Dmaster implant system, there are zirconia angled abutments prepared on titanium base, which correspond to the titanium angled abutments. The combination oftwo differentangulation values, 3 different restorative margin heights, 4 different outlet profile diameters and the design allowing for lock-up in 12 different positions along a 300 arc supports you and give you solution .that provide locking in 12 different positions throughout every 30 ° arc. in the regions and cases with a high aesthetic expectation and in the events where it is required to correct the abutment angulations