Temporary Abutment

The Dmaster implant system also introduces a range of temporary abutments having the same profile as the healing caps, in accordance with the philosophy of creating the optimal outlet profile. Manufactured from biocompatible and high-strength PEEK (polyether ether ketone) material, temporary abutments are suitable for immediate loading procedure, and used for the purpose of gum (gingiva) formation. PEEK temporary abutments are suitable for oral use for up to 90 days. If the gum around the perimeter of the implant haslocal differences, PEEK temporary abutments can easily be cut and shape to fit the gingiva height. In addition, if the gingival outlet profile of the restoration needs to be custom-made instead of pre-prepared templates, then personaloutput profiles can be prepared by placing additional composites on the temporary abutment with the narrowest diameter.