Surface Structure


CELLTex® surface, macro and micro structure are roughened by way of abrasion with corundum which is one of the hardest minerals in the world and then it is cleaned with double acidifying to obtain an extended surface. The topographic surface formed has anosteoconductivefeature, which enhances the osseointegration success of dental implant.The quality of surface is in the vicinity of Ra= 3.0 ± 1.5 pm. The studies proved that osseointegration was increased by this surface quality in the studies.


  • High roughness, large osteoconductive surface area
  • Active support for adjacent bone structure
  • Enhanced wettability, high reception towards blood tissue
  • High biocompatibility

High Biocompatibility;

The macro and micro surface roughness of the DMaster implant system is achieved by a two-step procedure involving sand blasting with corundum sand and abrasion processes by means of double acidification. This results in a maximum surface area on ​​the implant surface, which forms a base for osseointegration on a cellular basis. The surface configuration, which achieves high success in osseointegration of our implants, has successfully passed the surface biocompatibility tests conducted as part of ISO-10993 standard.