Soft Tissue Aesthetics

Abutment Design Targeting Perfect Soft Tissue Continuity;

Current research results reveals that soft tissue continuity in the implant neck is critical for maintaining long-term bone support and gingival thickness around the abutment should be higher than the natural teeth for the continuity of soft tissue. The abutment of the DMaster implant system is designed to have a concave contoured output profile just above the implant neck, based on scientific research results. By means of the concave outlet profile of the abutments, it is intended to form the ground required for the thickening of the peri-implant soft tissue within the biological clearance zone. The need for a thick gingiva around the abutment is met by a design based on scientific results.

Aesthetic and customisable superstructure;

The standard and customizable abutment options available within the DMaster implant system include a wide range of temporary and permanent abutments that will enable the dental professionals to overcome all sorts of problems they encounter during prosthetic treatment process. Also, today, the problems related to osseointegration of implants are solved almost completely, and prosthetic success has become more significant among the evaluation criteria of successful implant treatment. DMaster implant system involves a series of superstructures that can be used in all implant diameters with a single universal connection platform and allows for near-natural output profiles in different zones. The series of “healing cap-impression transfer piece-abutment” of DMaster implant system, which are compatible with each other and enable us to achieve a natural pink-white aesthetics, high patient comfort and soft tissue continuity as well as a wide range of superstructure inventory that includes height combinations suitable for almost every situation, offers a unique flexibility in prosthetic treatment process.

Laser Marking cap

Laser marking on the Dmaster healing caps offer easy identification. The laser marking gives information on the abutment diameter, abutment length and height.