Overdenture Attachment

Ball Attachment

It is the most affordable attachment option to achieve the retention and stability of implant-reinforced moving prostheses (dentures). It provides a simple solution in cases not involving any angle or orientation problem between the implants. The Dmaster implant system offers 6 different length options suitable for different gingival heights.

Plastik Başlık

Metal Başlık

D_Retainer Attachment

It is an attachment option offering a solution especially in cases involving angle problem between the implants, in order to achieve retention and stability in implant-reinforced moving prostheses (dentures). The various retention values can be achieved thanks to different retaining cap options and angles up to 40 degrees between the implants can be tolerated. There are 6 different size options for different gingival heights. There are 6 different length options for different gingival heights.

Standart locator ataçmanı ile çözülemeyen, implantlar arasında 40 dereceden fazla açısal uyumsuzluk olan durumlarda çözüm oluşturmak üzere tasarlanmıştır. 18 ve 30 derece açılanma, üç farklı dişeti yüksekliği ve çeşitli retantif başlık seçeneklerine sahip açılı locator ataçmanlar en zor vakalarda bile tedavi seçeneği oluşturur.

Bar Attachment

Bar attachments can be produced by using castable plastic abutment, Ti-base castable abutment and Multi Unit Abutment systems in the system inventory. The castable plastic bar templates used for the cast bar in the system and their retainers are supplied from the company from Rhein83 and made available to you.

Rigid and resilient type bar attachment options offer solutions to meet the requirements on a case-by-case basis. Besides, the bar attachments can be combined with OT Cap, OT Equator or Locator type attachments. Finally, it should be noted that the use of bar attachments manufactured by means of CAD-CAM compatible with our implant system, is another alternative made available, as a result of the close cooperation of our company with 3Shape CAD-CAM systems.