Multi Unit Abutment

Multi unit abutments are designed to serve as a sub structure in the manufacturing of all restorative options with screw retention, such as screw-retention crown and bridges, hybrid, prostheses and bar attachments. Moreover, it is the superstructure option which forms a basis in the production of temporary and permanent prostheses of the entire oral restorations that are immediately loaded. Multi-unit abutments available with three different orientation options;flat, 18° angle and 30° angle, also have different gingival height options. This allows for the alignment of implants that are consciously positioned angularly to avoid sinus lifting surgery or surgical procedures in the proximity of the mandibular mental foramina. The multi-unit abutment system is made available to you as a complete system in conjunction with the special impression transfer parts of the system, special implant analogue, as well as copings made of titanium and castable plastic, which are used for temporary and permanent restorations.