Impression Transfer Parts

Dmaster implant system offers impression transfer parts suitable for all impression techniques, for the transfer of implant positions to any size and model. In addition to the screwed transfer pieces suitable for closed tray technique and open tray technique, “snap-on” type impression transfer parts, enabling self-locking when seated, are available to get practical and problem-free impressions, instead of imprinting. Considering the possible limits of the patient’s mouth opening and related technical difficulties in the design process, transfer parts having two different size options are designed and included in the product range in an effort to solve this problem. Furthermore, in accordance with the philosophy of Dmaster implant system to create the optimal outlet profile, each series of healing caps with different output profiles have its own specific transfer parts, allowing that the optimal output profile obtained by using the proper healing cap during the healing process can exactly be transferred to the impression and to the model without being exposed to any changes.

Open Impression Transfer

Closed Impression Transfer (Screwless)

Closed Impression Transfer (Screwed)