Flat Abutment

The soft tissue profile,which is obtained by means of different healing caps in Dmaster implant system, and transferred to the model with the impression transfer piece having the same output profile as the healing cap, maintained by restoring it with the abutment options fully compatible with this profile,securing the soft tissue health in thelong term. The last piece of the superstructure components, which follow and complement each other, is the abutments used for permanent restoration. Thanks to various options with five different output profiles and six different restorative margin heights, it is aimed to achieve a direct result, with the minimum amount of abutments. Moreover, the active cementation area from the margin up to the abutment peak is diversified with the use of two different length options (5.5 mm and 8 mm), with a view tosecuring the retention and stability of different restorations having short and long crown lengths.