Surgical Set

Surgical Sets and Specifications
Surgical Set is made available to the physician by also including the additional accessories that could be needed during a surgical operation. The burs (drills) in the set comprising 51 pieces are fitted with a stopper, allowing for a safe and comfortable operation. Special tools in the set enable manual...
Drilling Procedure
DMASTER Implant is specifically designed to eliminate the losses of abutment, due to the loosening of the screw in the long term. The implant anchoragepart is designed in a conical form and therefore the parts used in the superstructure are designed according to this conical structure. In this way, DMASTERprevents...
Unpacking Procedure
Unpacking Procedure Thedouble-layerpackagingprovides a longshelf life totheimplant sterilized with gamma ray method. It is safeduring transport. It provides comfort and practicaluse in surgicaloperation.