Angled Abutment

Introduced to fix the orientation problems and lack of evenness (parallelism) that might be experienced during the restoration of the implants placed in non-adaptive angles due to local bone variations especially in the upper jaw during the implant surgery, angled abutments are produced in accordance with DMaster’s philosophy of creating ideal output profile. As in healing caps and flat abutments, angled abutments come in 5 different output profiles, too. In addition, abutment options with 15° and 25° angling provide the sufficient support to eliminate many of the angling problems encountered in the daily routine. Besides, thanks to two different types of abutment with an “anchorage-angling” template that provides seating in each 30° segment of hexagonal anchorage platform, 12 different angled abutment positions can be achieved along the 360° perimeter anchorage platform. Although the angled abutments vary according to the output profile, they have three different options of restorative margin height; 2mm, 4mm and 6mm in general.

15° Angle Abutment

25° Angle Abutment